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The Arts

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A83: Beatboxing
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Julia Ehlert

Learn to beatbox! All skill levels welcome.

A58: The American Short Story: Writing and Reading
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Thomas Marshall

In this course we will delve into what makes a short story so powerful by looking at examples of a few of the greatest American short stories written in the past century; from there we will take our knowledge and delve into a writing workshop where we will weave and perfect our own stories.


A74: Intro to Analyzing Films
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Kevin Kim

Have you ever thought "Wow, that was such a good scene!" while watching a movie but couldn't explain why? Or wondered what a director even does? This course will be a brief introduction to some of the ingenous methods filmmakers utilize to realize their visions on the big screen. We'll go through a ton of fantastic scenes from movies in all genres to see some great examples of good directing.

A79: Sonnets Among Us
Difficulty: **

We will go over basic sonnet structure, analyze some Shakespeare sonnets for rhythm and meaning, and them we'll have a chance to make our own! Don't worry, no Shakespeare or sonnet experience is necessary, and the sonnets you'll write needn't be in Shakespearean language.

A75: The History of Comedy
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Thomas Marshall

From the dawn of time man has tried to find out how to be popular; those who failed became comedians. The history of comedy is the history of all human history. Man has always used comedy to better understand and talk about such difficult subjects as life, love, purpose, and death. In this class we will explore comedy from standup, to satire, sketch, and skit, and explore how the fart joke is really about dying.

A65: Henna Body Art Full!
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Nina Singh

Ever wanted to try the Indian body art form of henna? These popular temporary tattoos are actually surprisingly easy to apply. They are made of a leaf paste and squirted out of a henna tube (similar to a frosting tube) so that beautiful designs can be made. After the paste dries and is removed (2 hours after application), you will have a beautiful custom temporary tattoo that can last up to a few weeks! In this class, you'll learn about traditional henna designs became a part of Indian culture, how the art form has changed over the years, and will get the chance to create your own henna design!

A87: Salsa 101
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Jonathan Castro

Learn the Basics of Salsa Dancing.

A88: Collaborative Pop Instagram: A Multimedia Creative Workshop
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Raphael Rosalen

Do you like expressing yourself through art, photo or video? Do like using social media? Then this class is for you!

Pop culture plays a big part in the way we act, walk, dress, talk, etc., and it is very prominent in social media with celebrity presence. Because social media is the space in which we interact with our friends and family, pop culture is now even closer to home, to our personal and private life. In this class, we will communicate our thoughts about the pop culture effect in our lives through collages of images from pop culture.

I will first introduce students to the concept of postmodernism and how a lot of the image-making processes of our time revolves around the use of technology and reusing other images in a new way.

Then, each student will create their own image (magazine collage, original photo, video, stop-motion video, boomerang, drawing, you’re free to create whatever type of image you want!) from magazines that will be made available, and a caption and hashtags that complement the image’s meaning. We will then create an Instagram account to upload all the images that we produce. We will look at all of them on the big screen as a group to interpret/talk about how they convey their meanings. In this way, I hope to inspire students to be more engaging with social media by looking at images critically and expressing their ideas in creative ways. It will be a fun and interactive workshop and I look forward to assisting all of you in your image creation process! All are welcome!

Health and Medicine

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H61: Healthcare, Big Data, and Social Media
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Seth Schachter

This course will cover the definition of "big data" and how big data as well as social media have affected and will affect healthcare in the future.

The course will include an introduction to the ideas of healthcare, big data, and social media. The last portion of the course will have a discussion to go over what you have learned.

H63: Examining the Amazing Human Visual System
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Tony Succar

Eyesight is one of our most precious human senses. We interact, learn and perceive up to 80% of our environment through the amazing visual system which guides our body movements and coordination. The loss of vision can thus severely impact a persons quality of life. This course will cover the structure and function of the eye and visual system, common eye disorders, as well as strategies and eye examination tests which can help to maintain healthy vision and allow you to continue to enjoy all the sights the world.

Life Skills

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L66: Personal Finance and Career Development Full!
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Kevin Kong

Students will learn basic financial literacy and topics include banking, budgeting, and applying for financial aid. A portion of the class will be devoted towards part-time job hunting tips and career development. The course will be a combination of both lecture and discussion; students should expect to engage in different activities like making a budget and mock-interviewing.

L82: How to be Successful and Content
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Raj Jain

This course will teach students how to get the most out of their life experiences by learning the foundations to becoming successful in all that they do as well as show them how to be content with their lives. The material taught in this course was gathered from years of personal experience as well as from reading materials.

Please note: This class is not taught from a professional background.

L62: Memory and Study Skills Full!
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Sabin Min

Have trouble remembering things? This class will go over the basic processes underlying memory. We will relate these memory concepts to how you can improve your study skills. A fun and brief memory activity will be included in the lesson.

L57: Intro to Business Analytics
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Christine Jarjour

What do your Facebook newsfeed, the 2008 presidential campaign, and headlines for the Washington Post all have in common? They are all fundamentally shaped by business analytics. In this class we'll learn a couple of the most common analytic techniques businesses use and how they can gain insights into their customers from them. You'll even come up with your own business questions and design analytics experiments to solve them!

Some excel knowledge will be helpful but certainly not required!

L89: Discretion 101: How to get away with stuff by Playing to your Audience
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Brennan Wilkerson

Every felt like people treat you poorly? Some teachers act like you're a bad student, or some peers don't give you the time of day?
Most people go through life stumbling through social situations on instinct and hoping that things will turn out well. And for some people, it works! But for the rest of us we can drastically improve our chances of success by applying a few easy tricks when talking to other people.
This course will go over the basics of reading your audience, using discretion, and giving off a good impression. Using a mix of social psychology, communication studies, and acting method we'll explore how our actions can be modified to give off the right impressions to the right people.

If we teach it right, it should be SUPER USEFUL EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES


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L91: Lunch Period
Difficulty: None

Enjoy a break for lunch with your friends! Please register for at least one lunch period on each day of the program.


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M86: Ultimate Frisbee
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Ricky Kirkpatrick

If you have ever dreamed of being the next Brodie Smith, or if you just want to pick up a new skill, register for Ultimate Frisbee. You will first be taught how to throw and receive frisbees and then you will play some competitive games.

M93: Hacking Hackers: How to beat the thieves at their own game
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Nate Delgado

Remember Trump's comment about a "400lb hacker sitting on his bed?" Or maybe any of the ridiculous news stories and movies about hackers that usually show a guy in a ski mask hunched over a laptop? Well, regardless of how poorly the media talks about hacking, it is a real threat faced by the millions of Americans who don't bother informing themselves of the basics of staying safe online. It's almost every week that news comes out about a massive hacking of credit cards, phone numbers, addresses, and more.

This is not the type of boring course your school librarian would teach, droning on about avoiding "inappropriate" websites or staying away from "scary" chatrooms full of perverts. This is a course that will teach you the ins and outs about how to ensure that your personal information will stay private. We'll cover current events in computer security, try out various forms of password cracking, talk about how dumb Americans are, discuss the importance of using strong passwords, and maybe have some fun along the way. And, I'll teach you how to pick locks, seriously.

M76: College: Know Before You Apply
Difficulty: *

Want to know where to start your college applications? What do the SAT and ACT mean to the application process? What do colleges look for?
In this first of the two-part "College" course, we will discuss the search for colleges, essay do and don'ts, myths and facts about the SAT and ACT, importance of recommendation letters, the differences between early action and early decision, and early touring of schools.

M71: Beginner Yoga
Difficulty: *

The course will cover basic yoga postures, breathing, and vinyasa flows, including Sun Salutations A and B, as well as several floor postures for enhancing flexibility.

M81: The Korean Wave
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Jessica Zhai

Are you a K-pop or K-drama lover? Or have you ever wondered about the phenomenon of Korean Wave? If so, come to this class and explore the underlying theories and impacts behind this phenomenon. This class will consist of games, Korean snacks, lecture, and discussion. We will talk about some popular Korean bands, dramas, films, and touch upon various aspects of Korean culture and history, all in relation to the Korean Wave. If you want to have a fun time learning about Korea's cultural phenomenon, then come join us.

M90: Korean 101
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Christine Kim

Learn how to read, write, and speak Korean!

M77: College After the Application: Now What?
Difficulty: *

In this second of the two-part College course, we will discuss the moment after you click send to well after you click accept. We will talk about what to do while you're waiting to hear the results, what aspects of college life to consider when selecting, and how much you should let your visit influence your final choice. As opposed to part 1, this will be more Q&A based, and we can go over the acceptance process, dorm life, and all questions you have about life post-high school.

No prerequisites!

M67: How to Fight On!
Difficulty: *

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a USC student? To be a part of the Trojan Family? Join us as we give you a peek into the day of a USC undergraduate student. From a short, unofficial tour of the campus, to learning a few gameday cheers, your instructors (former Orientation Advisors) will be sure to pique your interest. Afterward, there will be time to ask questions about student life here at USC.
Please note: This is not designed to increase your chances of being accepted to USC, nor does it act as a substitute to the official USC campus tour and information session.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

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S68: Poker--the Winning Strategy
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Lewis Wang

Lose with pocket aces or pocket kings? Bad Luck. Lose half what you have betting on the river card to make a flush? Bad strategy. Some silent nights, you might ask yourself, "how can I be good at poker, just like those movie characters who win the whole casino?" Don't worry--this course, from a mathematic approach, helps you understand the nature of poker, and provides general tips.

Understand the rules of Texas-Holdem and Blackjack, familiar with the basics of probability. This will be a math section in this course

S69: Introduction to Complexity Theory
Difficulty: ***

This course will provide a high level introduction to complexity theory. It will define formal languages and decision problems, algorithms and asymptotic time complexity, reductions, and the P vs. NP problem.

S92: Crash Course on CRISPR
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Alisa Tsenter

CRISPR is a hot topic right now in microbiology, and rightly so—it is revolutionizing research that relies on editing genes. But what exactly is CRISPR? How does it work? Why is everyone so interested in using it? This class is a beginner’s guide on how CRISPR works with an overview of some new applications of this technology.

An intro biology class

S60: Introduction to Boolean Logic
Difficulty: ***
Teachers: Andrianna Ayiotis

Do you like math? Want to learn how 1+1 can also equal 10? Ready to learn how a security system for a house works? Want to make a million dollars?
Okay, so I can't guarantee the last one, but this course will teach some fundamental concepts of computer engineering/electrical engineering, fields where you can easily make lots of money.

Algebra 1

S85: Chess- general strategies and related math problems
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Lewis Wang

Interested in learning about general chess strategies and how to defeat your friends? Want to learn the tips of playing blindfold chess? Or want to discover the relationship between math and chess? This class will provide you insights into these areas, while bring fun along the way.

Basic rules of chess. Some knowledge in combinatorics.

S72: Data Writing on Optical Devices (CD ROM )
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Hardik Goyal

Isn't it crazy how you burn a CD ROM with data, that could print about 100,000 pages, without actually burning the drive into ashes? Well, this is what the class is all about as we go over how data is written is on various optical media.

S78: Intro to Quantum Chemistry
Difficulty: ***

Ever wondered why light comes in different colors? In this class we will dissect the colors we see down to the energy levels behind them. We will go over these energy levels, the orbitals they are housed in, and the physics behind photon emission. (If time permits we may go over college level molecular bonding). Note: teachers will conduct an in class experiment using proper personal protection equipment as applicable.

Foundation in basic high school chemistry.

S84: Build a Website Using Weebly!
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Kathryn Papazian

Ever wanted to start a blog? How about an online business? Weebly website design can help you tackle it, with no coding experience necessary! This class will go over the basics of Weebly, inbound marketing techniques to help keep and grow your audience, and easy ways to find your target market. I hope to see you there!

S80: Weather Basics: Climate and Oceanography
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Patrick Cho, Yi Hou

The course is intended to provide foundation for understanding the Earth’s climate and ocean system and the consequences that comes along with it.

S73: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Kevin Kim, Erik Wang

One of the fastest growing fields in the US, biomedical engineering explores the connection between man and machine. Whether you're deciding your major for college or just want to learn more about topics like medical imaging, tissue engineering, implantable devices, come ready to learn and have your questions answered here!

S70: How do we Assemble Genomes?
Difficulty: ***

This course will describe the basic algorithm used to sequence and assemble one's genome. The course will introduce graph theory and the Eulerian cycle problem, and describe the cycle expansion algorithm. We will then cover De Brujin graphs and universal strings. Finally we will describe how De Brujin gaphs and Eulerian cycles are used to reconstruct human genomes.

S64: Geology Rocks 101: Gems and Minerals
Difficulty: *

Geology is the study of the world around us and the way it formed. Plate tectonics and the rock cycle contribute to the formation of minerals all over the Earth. This course will introduce basic mineralogy including chemical concepts, atomic structures, and gemstone classes. We will also bring amazing hand samples and fun mineral names. No background in chemistry or geology needed!